The first attempts of stereoscopic imaging were already known in the sixteenth century, when the Italian physicist Giambattista della Porta, in his book from 1593, wrote about creating the illusion of spatial vision. This work was forgotten until 1838, when the English physicist Sir Charles Wheatstone developed a camera to view spatial images and called it stereoscopy.

1851, Great Britain - a public demonstration of  stereoscopic photographs during the World Exhibition in London. Until 1853 in England is sold around half a million stereoscops - in price below one dollar a piece.

1861, USA - a doctor, novelist and poet, Oliver Wendel Holmes constructs manual stereoscope. The device allows you to view stereo pairs connected by a special prism lenses. Holmes’s Stereoskopy become an indispensable element of bourgeois salons equipment.

1880, Poland - Berlin entrepreneur August Fuhrmann opens in Wroclaw its first Fotoplastikon, the next in Franfurcie on Main, in 1883, another in Berlin.

1922, USA
- Perfect Pictures realizes byanaglyphic method „Power of Love" - the first feature film with Terry O'Neil and Barbara Bedford. Its premiere took place in the Ambassador Hotel Theater in Los Angeles, September 27, 1922

1936, Italy - "Nozze vagabonde" by Sante Bonaldo is the title of the first sound feature film, shot in the system of using polarized light by the Societe Italiana Stereocinematografica in Cine-Caesar Studios.

1947, The Soviet Union - produced the first feature-length color sound film in 3D - "Robinson Crusoe" by Alexander Andreyevsky with Paul Kadosznikow in the role of Robinson, with Yuri Lubimov as Piętaszek, executed by the Soviet Sojuzdietfilm label.

1952, USA - premiere of the feature film "Bwana Devil," directed by Arch Obolera. The movie opens "golden period" in the stereoscopic film era.

1966, The Soviet Union - Soviet scientists are developing stereo-70. The essence of this system consisted of a single stereoscopic camera, recording pairs of frames on a single 18x26 mm in 70mm tape stereopary system.

1969, USA
- record profit beats 3D erotic film "Stewardesses" directed by Al Silliman Jr. With a budget of about $ 100,000 in total income reaches over 27 million dollars in North America. The film is still issued on DVD.

1970, USA
- debut of the IMAX system, perfect for projecting stereoscopic movies. The first film in IMAX 3D technology  shall be 11-minute documentary by Max Nelson and Roman Kroitora Fri "We Are Born of Stars" of 1985.

2009, USA - James Cameron's' "Avatar" comes to cinemas. The film partly acting, partly animated, realized in stereoscopic 3D technology, real saints triumph popularity. The work of Cameron becomes the highest grossing film in movie history.

2011, Poland
- Philip Trziszka initiative - with support of Multimedia City, the first stereoscopic studio in Warsaw was created - 3D MIND Films Ltd. Using the latest 3D stereoscopic technology, the team carries out studies of the highest quality video and animated images for digital cinema, cultural sites, events and 3D HDTV.