10/01/2012 - Film production and 3D events on the big screen

Three-dimensional transmission is improved for the audience, because now more of the senses are engaged. It's a great tool for presenting products or services for any event, fair or conference. 3D technology is an attractive way to promote culture, art and history. With 3D technology, music concerts are even more exciting. The end of the ramp abroad - drama comes closer to the viewer as never before. 3D is a great solution for all sporting events, where the blood, sweat and tears can be exposed in 3 dimensions.

30/12/2011 - "Polita" in a close encounter of the third dimension

Pola Negri impresses once again. Initially by the splendor and enslavement of men's senses - today by acquiring biography and a three-dimensional issue! The already known performance by Janusz Jozefowicz, "Polita" with Natasha Urbanska in a virtual 3D scenery, is the last one of the most famous events. MIND 3D Films crew realized three-dimensional material to a fragment of the performance. It turns out that the 3D camcorder in addition to the film has its second environment - on the stage performs superbly!

29/11/2011 - Film PRO readers watch “Bydgoszcz 3D” movie on Camerimage 2011

Today begins the nineteenth International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography "Camerimage 2011", during which participants will hand the latest edition of the magazine "Film PRO" (No. 4/2011) and the accompanying DVD of our production "Bydgoszcz 3D. History, houses, heritage. The film was prepared in three versions: 3D TVready (for TVs with the ability to play 3D Side-by-side), 3D Anaglyph (for viewing in brightly colored glasses red/cyan) and 2D FullHD (for TVs without 3D playback capabilities).

15/10/2011 - Three-dimensional production of the 3D Mind Films appreciated by the military

The film “Bydgoszcz 3D. History, houses, heritage" produced by 3D MIND Films Ltd. was awarded by the Ministry of Defence, PISF and the SWAT during the International Film Festival and Military History. The jury appreciated the film "for the professional presentation of the city business card format using 3D technology".

10/08/2011 - Three-dimensional power chills

Work is underway to produce another 3D Mind Films.  The plot is based on the motifs of a winning story by Zbigniew Moskal. Won’t giving the title, we say: 3D Thriller, first shoots on autumn 2011. We hope, it thrills you to the bones…  

14/07/2011 - AG-3DA1 participates in the last mission of NASA Space Shuttle

A Panasonic Company has provided the NASA agency, 3D AG-3DA1 camcorders, and also 25,5-25.5-inch monitors 3D LCD BT-3DL2550 and the laptops Toughbook with increased strength. Devices used to document the training and preparation leading to the space shuttle Atlantis flight to the International Space Station. I wonder if NASA will get to like this stuff as we do.

03/06/2011 - History in 3D preserves the best

In Opra Nova in Bydgoszcz there was held closed premiere of: „Bydgoszcz 3D: history, houses, heritage”. Fifteen-minute historical film, realized by 3D MIND Films team. It has regenerated the potential of the beautiful city by the Brda river. Shoots lasted 4 days. The  camcorder AG-3DA1 and perpendicular rig were used. Soon the film will be presented to a wider audience.

10/05/2011 - Black and white trailer 3D "No woman no cry" appreciated!

We reach for new, but we respect old! Our Company, 3D Mind Films, realized three-minute trailer, using our own Workshop footage. The inspiration was ... Iluzjon. Black and white picture, piano in the background, frames with lyrics, but all in 3D. Experiment instead of the archive was sent to Panasonic GmbH, which bought the copyrights to the image.

09/04/2011 - 3D MIND Films on „Łodzią po Wiśle 2011” festival

Supporting young artists and wanting to spread the new technology, 3D MIND Films Company took the patronage over the 9th edition of the festival, the Łódź Film School. While welcoming the block issue, we presented an etude in 3D "No woman no cry", realized under the artistic supervision of Slawomir Idziak. After presentation of the material, there was a meeting - discussion with representatives of MIND 3D Films.

18/03/2011 - Expansion of 3D television

In 2011 in Poland, the first 3D IPTV channel is planned to launch. It is caused by the transition from 2D to 3D TV. In April 2010 Poland began 3D HDTVs. In 2011 the first three-dimensional television channels were running, broadcasting in high definition (HD 3D TV). The transition to broadcast in stereo 3D can be compared with the memorable passage in the color black and white television. All forecasts predict that by 2013 more than 13.6 million LCD TVs 3D will be sold in Europe.

12/02/2011 - The first production MIND 3D Films – snowboarding!

3D MIND Films realized shots to the advertising spot "Quiksilver Snow Session 2012". The team had two shooting days during the snowboard competition on the slopes of Harenda in Zakopane. The new Panasonic 3D camcorder was used, which provided not less than impressive experience of jumping athletes. Emission of the spot is scheduled for early 2012.

04/01/2011 - Stereo3D cinema advertising in the offensive!

Already in 2011, the stereoscopic 3D movies will be the main factors influencing the development of cinema advertising. In December 2009 there were at least 150 cinemas equipped with Dolby 3D Digital Cinema. During the last half of the year 19 three-dimensional films (at 165 all premieres) has sold more than 40% of the tickets!