We offer images in the stereo3D technology – of the highest quality, full depth of colors, with various three-dimensional effects obtained thanks to the optimal choice of filmmaking technology and facilities.

We accept orders for preparing advertising spots, video clips, event films, documentaries, all forms of animated movies.

During the first phase we realize creative activities such as screenplay or storyboard. We prepare cost calculation, complete staff, look for location – shortly speaking- we take care for the whole pre-production.

We act in five theme sectors:
- 3Dmind Show – recording of sport and music events,
- 3Dmind Edu – historical and educational performances,
- 3Dmind Expo – advertising spots and multimedia presentations,
- 3Dmind Art – stereoscopy realization of artistic shows, video clips, feature films,
- 3Dmind Live – three-dimensional live streaming video of events.